Middle School Youth Group


Edge is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program for 6-8th graders at OLV Parish. It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community, to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly, to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way. 

All 6th-8th grade students and parents are invited to come check ou the OLV Youth Groups at the OLV Ministry Fair and Church Picnic this upcoming weekend, August 13 and 14.  On Saturday, we will have a booth at the Ministry Fair in the Social Hall.  Come say hello to our youth leaders (Debbie Chandler, youth minister and John and Heather Rose, volunteers), find out plans for the group this fall and get connected.  On Sunday, in addition to having a booth at the ministry fair, we will sit together at the picnic, play games outside on the soccer field, and have the middle school youth room open for tours and hanging out.  

We have a lot of exciting events planned this semester as you can see by the attached calendar. We are trying to get the word out as soon as we can so all can plan on participating.  As is the nature of youth ministry, plans sometimes change.  We will always update plans via social media and email, so make sure you are connected.  Please see the attachment on ways to get connected.  We really try to make sure parents are informed! If for some reason you do not want to be on our email list, just let us know by emailing [email protected]

Here is a link to register for youth group (includes a Covid release form: https://forms.gle/zjqu3xWdFUB4zRcr8
One big event we have coming up is Holy Fire Nashville on October 1.  We are hoping to take a big group up for the day.   At Holy Fire, middle school Catholics are invited and challenged to embrace their baptismal call and the powerful, relevant gospel of Jesus. Through talks by dynamic speakers, witness by peers, inspirational praise and worship, and rich experiences of the Sacraments, Holy Fire helps young people feel seen, welcomed, and invited into a life changing commitment to Christ.  Please see the attached flyer for all the details.  We hope to have enough to take a bus!  Cost is $45 plus meals.  We took a group a couple of years ago and it was a moving experience.  Please check out the attached flyers for more info, and register your child by Sept. 1.  Here is a link to more information: https://brushfire.com/eqsaints/holyfire-nashville-2022/535701/details
Here is a link to register for Holy Fire:  https://forms.gle/WoHN4jBsCSoiFHbG6

We would love for your child to get involved in any/all of the programs we have planned this year.  We strive to create a space where everyone is welcome.  We do this through service projects, social events, worship and spiritual focus.  OLV has strong youth programs, all with the goal of helping young people on their faith journey and preparing them spiritually for the college years and beyond.  We are excited to get this year started and hope to see your family this weekend.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Holy Fire Nashville

Join us for Holy Fire on October 1, 2022.  We will depart the church at 6:00 a.m. and return by 10:00 p.m.  
Tickets are $45 plus meals. For breakfast, bring something to eat on the way.  You may bring your own lunch or pre order (see below).  We will stop for dinner on the way home at a fast food restaurant.   Church will provide the bus if there are not enough parent drivers.  Money for ticket and optional Chick Fil-A lunch due to Debbie Chandler by September 1.  No late add-ons. 

For more information, to volunteer or to register, please contact:

Middle School Youth Minister   Mark Woodard   [email protected] 205-991-5488 x247