Altar Servers

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 Altar Server Schedule May 4- June 23, 2024

Altar Server Schedule June 29- Aug. 18 2024

Altar Server Schedule August 24-October 13, 2024

Altar Server Schedule October 19-November 24, 2024 End of Server Year

Students who are called to serve at the altar (both OLV & PSR students) should be open to learning altar server skills and should be willing to serve when scheduled. Students interested in becoming an altar server should apply through OLV fourth grade teachers or through your PSR teacher. The Altar Server "Year" runs from the first Sunday of Advent to the end of November.

Training is available to students in the fourth grade or higher each fall.  

Please direct any questions to Deacon Robert Long: 205-991-5488 ext. 217, or email him at deaconrobertolv@gmail.com

Our Lady of the Valley Catholic Church Altar Server Expectations Reverencing the Holy Eucharist

– The Tabernacle is the special place at the center of the sanctuary where the Holy Eucharist (the bread which has been changed into the body of Christ at Mass) is placed. Everyone, including altar servers should reverence the Eucharist by bowing or genuflecting (kneeling on the right knee) whenever passing in front of or approaching the Tabernacle. Reverence while serving at Mass

– The altar server serves the priest and the deacon during Mass. So their attention should be focused the needs and actions of the priest and deacon. They should understand their responsibilities and fulfill them correctly anticipating the next move. Altar servers should fully participate in the Mass by joining in the responses and in the singing. Reverence in the way we dress

– If you were to have a personal audience with the Pope in Rome you would dress in your best clothes with your hair combed and your shoes shined. When we receive Communion at Mass, it is a “personal audience” with Jesus. We should do our best to dress up for the occasion. It is a sign of reverence. Respect for the office of Altar Server

– The altar server plays an important role at Mass. Therefore there are some responsibilities that the Altar Server is expected to follow:

  • Arrive on time (15 minutes before Mass begins)
  • Check in with the Mass Coordinator (listed on the Ministers Schedule)
  • Know when you are scheduled to serve (this information is on the Ministers Schedule and in the e-mails your parents receive)
  • Vest using the correctly sized alb and right liturgical color cincture
  • Retrieve the Processional Cross from the altar or light the candles
  • Say the Altar Server Prayer before Mass begins
  • Be ready to line up when instructed to do so
  • Know your duties when serving during Mass
  • Refrain from talking or engaging in any distracting or irreverent behavior while in the sanctuary during Mass
  • Arrange for a substitute if you are unable to serve when scheduled
  • Respect for vestments

- The ALB is the vestment for the altar server. It is the symbol of the office of Altar Server. The priest and deacon also wear an alb since they too are servers at the altar. Respect is shown for the alb by removing it carefully from the hanger and replacing it uniformly and carefully after Mass so as not to damage it. Choosing the correct size and wearing it correctly also demonstrate respect for the alb and the office of Altar Server. Thank you for answering the call to serve. The altar server has an important and privileged role in the liturgy. Let us be reverent and respectful in all aspects of the altar server ministry.