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JustFaith Ministries provides programs that transform people and expand their commitment to social ministry. Through these life-changing opportunities, members of our parish have studied, explored and experienced Christ’s call to care for the poor and vulnerable in a lively, challenging, multifaceted process in the context of a small faith community.

 Jack Jezreel, M.Div., the founder and Executive Director of JustFaith Ministries, introduced the original JustFaith program in 1989 while working in a parish in Louisville, Kentucky. It was immediately and dramatically successful. The program was brought to Our Lady of the Valley Parish in 2007 and we have had at least one group every year since.

 Over 30,000 people have participated in various JustFaith programs in over 1,500 churches across the country. JustFaith Ministries, in conjunction with its partners, makes available introductory workshops, curriculum, resources, a website, and support services.

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