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First Communion PICTURES:

Dear parents,

CLICK HERE for information on ordering pictures for First Communion. 

Please contact the photographer, Holli Hobbs, if you have any questions! Her number is 205-999-4372.

CLICK HERE to sign up for outdoor portraits and family photos before & after Mass.


Dear parents of First Communicants,

As we begin final preparations for First Holy Communion, we want to cover some important details with you.  As you have seen on our schedule will have a practice on Saturday, May 1st at 9 am. We will celebrate the Sacrament of First Holy Communion Sunday May 2nd at 2 pm. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, we will follow the current OLV Parish guidelines for Mass:

  • Masks and/or face coverings are at your discretion.  If your child wears a mask, they will need to remove it right before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Families may sit together, but should maintain a 6 foot social distance from non-family members in the same pew
  • The first person to enter a pew should move to the center to prevent people from having to move across others to take a seat
  • A collection plate will not be passed down the pews.  Two collection baskets will be available up to the right and the left near the altar for your contributions.  You may drop your offering into either basket before Mass or as you go through the Communion line
  • The physical exchange of the sign of peace will continue to be omitted, allowing for the possibility of a simple bow or hand wave.
  • There will be three places to receive the Eucharist: The aisle near the choir, the main aisle, and the aisle to the right of the altar. All First Communicants will receive first from Fr. Kelly in front of the altar, and then others will process down the aisles.
  • The Eucharist will be distributed under the form of the HOST ONLY, recalling that Christ is truly present, whole and entire, under only one form
  • Face masks must be lowered before receiving the Eucharist
  • If wearing gloves, gloves must be removed before receiving the Eucharist

When you arrive for Mass, please have your family sit in any open pew. The front pews will be reserved for the 1st Communicants.  First Communicants need to be in their assigned seats by 1:45. We will place them in their seats at the practice on May 1st.

We’ve requested an updated flier from our photographer, Ms. Holli Hobbs, and will email it to you when we receive it. Please handle all transactions for pictures through her and her website, listed on the flier that we gave out at our parent meeting and mailed to those who were unable to attend. She will take a picture of each child as they receive the Sacrament.  These pictures will be available on her website for purchase.  She will also take individual posed pictures, preferably outside, before and after Mass.

After Mass, you may take pictures of your child in the church, but please respect social distancing and go outside for pictures as well, weather permitting.

The children’s certificates will be displayed on tables in the vestibule of the church.  Please pick up your child’s certificate as you enter or exit the building.

We look forward to celebrating this special occasion with your family!

Mark Woodard

Director of Religious Education



2020-2021 Registration Form

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2020-2021 Registration Form (Spanish) 

2020-2021 PSR Calendar



2020 PSR Guidelines for Safety


  • There will be no coffee and donuts offered at this time
  • Drop off students in a carpool line at the front entrance of the school
  • Temperatures will be taken, and must be <100.4 F to attend class
  • All students will enter through the front entrance of the school 
  • Face coverings are required
  • No parents may enter the school building
  • Assistants will escort the students from the front entrance to the classroom
  • Pick up students at the side door entrance to the parish center/school lunchroom 
  • If anyone in your family has been diagnosed or exposed to COVID, please keep your students home!
  • The school is sprayed 3 times a week with a disinfectant chemical that kills COVID
  • We have 1 classroom per grade this year, 5K-9th grade, and all classes will meet in the main school building


PSR Guidelines for Families Choosing At-Home Catechesis

  • Books will be ordered this week and we will notify you when they are here in the parish office for you to come pick them up
  • 2nd grade students who are being instructed at home MUST attend a monthly sacramental prep class.  The dates are listed on the class schedule
  • Please spend some time teaching your children to pray, and begin and end each class with prayer that is led by the student(s).  These prayers can be spontaneous prayer and/or traditional prayers
  • Please focus on traditional Catholic teaching and traditions
  • Please set up a prayer place in your home for daily prayer
  • Please read the Sunday readings with your students and help them find the scripture passages in the Bible

Mark Woodard, Director of Religious Education   205-991-5488 x247  [email protected]
Kathy Martin, PSR Secretary  205-991-5488 x216  [email protected] 

Religious Education classes meet on Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 10:45 am in Our Lady of the Valley School classrooms. Classes meet September through May. Children in 1st, 2nd, 7th, and 8th grades receive sacramental preparation for the celebration of Reconciliation, Eucharist, and Confirmation. However, sacramental preparation and celebration are open to children of all ages. Parents must show proof of the child's baptism and other sacraments that have been received.

Fees which cover books and supplies are $75 for one child, $100 for two children, and $125 for three or more children. Children receiving a sacrament will have an additional fee of $25 to cover workshops, retreats, t-shirts, and certificates. You can pay online by clicking here or checks should be made out to OLV PSR and can be turned into the church office. No child and/or family will be excluded from the PSR program due to a lack of funds. Please contact the Kathy Martin, at [email protected] or 991-5488 x216 if you have questions or concerns.

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